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Whether you are looking for a holiday of culture, adventure and relaxation or simply a long weekend away, Vanuatu has it all. Port Vila, on the main island of Efate is where you will start your holiday and from here you can explore one or more of Vanuatu’s 83 islands.

Getting to Port Vila is easy with Vanuatu’s national carrier Air Vanuatu offering direct services from Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Noumea and Nadi. Direct flights from Brisbane to Santo are also available through Air Vanuatu.

Put your wallet away while on board as Air Vanuatu is a full-service airline serving complimentary hot meals, alcoholic and other beverages and inflight entertainment. Visit

Other carriers including Fiji Airways, Fly Solomons and Aircalin operate direct services to Port Vila.

Air Vanuatu operates regular domestic connections between the islands in Vanuatu.
So create your perfect holiday in Vanuatu where you can discover what matters. It has been right in front of you all along.

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It's been in frontof you all along

Of Vanuatu’s 83 islands, the most popular for tourists are; Efate where Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila is located, Tanna Island home to fascinating custom villages & incredible fireworks of Mount Yasur Volcano and Santo, with pristine beaches, fresh water swimming holes & world class diving. Other islands offer untouched nature & a rare glimpse of a simpler way of life.

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    • Efate

      Efate is the main island of Vanuatu, home to the capital Port Vila. With a rugged coastline, rich marine life and an abundance of restaurants and bars, Efate is the most developed island in Vanuatu. Epi, Lelepa and Pele are just a few of the many islands accessible from Efate.
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    • Santo

      Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu and boasts world class diving sites like SS President Coolidge, the world-famous Champagne Beach, turquoise blue holes and welcoming friendly people. Further north are the Banks and Torres islands, renowned for their enormous coconut crabs and giant turtles. View Itineraries

    • Tanna

      Discover the natural wonders of Tanna from Mount Yasur, one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world, to its unique culture and Kastom villages. The Tafea province features other tropical island paradises, including the picturesque Mystery Island, a hidden gem of white sand and palm trees. View Itineraries

    • Malekula

      Relatively untouched by tourism, Malekula offers you a rich, authentic Vanuatu experience. The island is renowned for its custom dances and traditions. Mountainous and rugged, Malekula offers iconic jungle treks. Neighbouring small islands offer sand beaches and coral reefs for those keen to snorkel. View Itineraries

    • Ambrym

      Known for its twin volcanoes, beautiful wood, stone and tree fern carvings, as well as sorcery and black magic, Ambrym offers a unique Vanuatu experience. The striking Rom (masked) dance is a unique, not to be missed custom on this island where ancient traditions still play an important role to this day. View Itineraries

    • Pentecost

      Famous as the birth place of bungy jumping, Pentecost Island is the home of the awe-inspiring land diving ritual (Naghol). This daring ceremony takes place every Saturday between April and June. Also known for its ritual dancing, basket weaving, spectacular waterfalls, Pentecost is an island worth exploring. View Itineraries

    • From Australia (Sydney)

      Getting to Vanuatu is easy with Air Vanuatu offering direct flights from Sydney to Port Vila. Flight time is 3.5 hours.

      Air Vanuatu also operates domestic air services between the islands in Vanuatu.

    • From Australia (Brisbane)

      Air Vanuatu operates direct flights from Brisbane to Port Vila and from Brisbane to Santo as well as domestic services between the islands in Vanuatu. Visit

      Flight time is 2.5 hours.

    • From New Zealand (Auckland)

      Air Vanuatu operates direct flights from Auckland to Port Vila and domestic air services between the islands in Vanuatu. Visit

      Flight time is just over 3 hours.

    • From New Caledonia (Noumea)

      Air Vanuatu operates direct flights from Noumea to Port Vila and domestic services between the islands in Vanuatu. Visit

      Aircalin also flies to Port Vila direct from Noumea. Visit

      Flight time between Noumea and Port Vila is just over 1 hour.

    • From Solomon Islands (Honiara)

      There are two flights per week from Honiara to Port Vila through Fly Solomons and Air Niugini

      Flight time between Honiara and Port Vila is 2 hours.

    • From Fiji (Nadi)

      Air Vanuatu operates direct flights from Nadi to Port Vila and domestic services between the islands in Vanuatu.

      Fly Solomons operates direct flights from Nadi to Port Vila. Visit

      Fiji Airways operates direct flights from Nadi to Port Vila. Visit

      Flight time is 2.5 hours.

    • From PNG (Port Moresby)

      Air Niugini flies once per week to Port Vila, with a stop in Honiara. Travel time varies depending on length of stop over



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