Couples’ Getaway

Just Take Two…

Vanuatu is the perfect place for couples to reconnect, discover more about each other or fall in love all over again. Boasting a superb selection of couples-only resorts, couples islands, diving resorts and gorgeous hotels, the setting makes for romance and so much more. Here are 10 ideas for enjoying a fabulous holiday together.



Wonderful Cuisine: Cuisine in Vanuatu is wonderfully varied. Fresh and organic produce is a highlight of this agriculturally diverse area and the seafood is regularly described as outstanding. Discover island influenced, French, Italian, Chinese and modern Asian-fusion restaurants and plenty of beach front bars and clubs in Port Vila to start or finish your evening. Whether dining at your hotel or wandering through the local markets, you’ll find an abundant variety of fresh food.

Stunning White Beaches: For a romantic photo or proposal opportunity, Champagne Beach is a must-do. The stunning turquoise of the water flowing over powder white sand is breathtaking. Further North at Port Olry you can enjoy a fresh seafood lunch on the soft white sand, just like something out of a postcard.



Vanuatu’s Famous Blue Holes: Santo blue holes are formed from limestone springs that make the water almost iridescent, crystal clear, deep and cool – don’t forget your snorkelling gear! A kayak trip up the river to one of the blue holes is like being lost in the Amazon, a peaceful paddle along a freshwater river with no other tourists in sight. You’ll find rope swings, platforms to dive from and in the case of Nanda Blue Hole, a small café. Some blue holes have toilets and changing rooms available. At each, there is a charge of a few dollars per person, so please bring cash with you.



Let Sparks Fly at a Volcano: Speaking of adventure, there is plenty of choice for a couple ready to live on the edge! Vanuatu’s volcanoes are some of the most easily accessible in the world. In an afternoon you can drive to Mt Yasur and stand on the rim of its crater to witness the bubbling lava at dusk, or if visiting earlier in the day, perhaps you’d like to go sand boarding down the slopes! For a totally immersive volcano experience, try a trek to Mt Benbow on Ambrym, where you’ll camp on the ash plane and hike to the crater’s edge to look into the lava pit below. You’ll feel like you are looking into the core of the earth!

Caving Adventure: Trekking, caving, canyoning and river swimming. If these look appealing to you, the Millennium Cave Tour will be your kind of adventure! This is a challenging day with lush forests, bamboo bridges and river swims along the route. Wear strong shoes and perhaps book a massage for that evening!



Scenic Flights of Fancy: For a less physical but still thrilling adventure, take a scenic flight over volcanoes on Tanna island, Ambrym, and Lopevi to witness the fireworks below. Or take a helicopter trip to one of the islands for a romantic champagne picnic. This is a great way to see more of Vanuatu if your time is limited.

Be Pampered: If you’re seeking a slower pace or some pampering, Vanuatu’s plentiful spas offer a range of packages designed to invigorate your senses. Often set amongst tropical gardens or right on the beachfront,  you can enjoy the ocean breeze while soaking in the indulgence.



On the Water: Kayaking, sailing trips and lagoon cruises offer a wonderful way to venture out on the water. Always take your snorkelling gear as there will be opportunities to mingle with the locals – a huge array of reef fish, star fish, sea turtles and if you’re lucky, dugong, dolphins and whales.

Under Water: Snorkelling and diving in Vanuatu is top notch! Divers come from all over the world for the superb visibility, warm water and abundant sea life found along the 2,500 kms of coastline. Highlights in Santo alone are the SS President Coolidge, considered by many to be the best wreck dive in the world and Million Dollar Point with its vast array of discarded war machinery. Both will have you gaping in awe.



Experience a Rich Culture: With much of its population living as they have done for centuries, Vanuatu is one of the planet’s best places to experience a rich diversity of local customs. Choose from the many cultural day tours and traditional feast nights, or perhaps you’d like to witness fire walking! Further afield on Pentecost Island, the incredible spectacle of Naghol (Land Diving) runs each Saturday from April – June. Ambrym Island offers three Rom Dance festivals around July and August every year and Gaua Island is home to the ‘Water Music Ladies’ who sing and drum water in a beautiful display that will leave you mesmerised.

The options are endless but perhaps all you need is the beachfront at your hotel, your snorkelling gear and your partner at your side, to immerse yourself in the moment, and discover Vanuatu.

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