• We are Explorers – Escape Winter to a Tropical Paradise

    June 19, 2018

    Joel’s been in deep cover for the last year on Vanuatu, one of our nearest island neighbours. He’s uncovered a tropical adventure paradise bursting with stunning natural phenomena and rich cultural experiences. Winter again, eh? Gone are the long days of summer – and as much as you love to insist winter is a great time for ‘crackling fires and crisp, clear days on quiet trails’ – the reality of arriving at work before the sun comes up, and leaving after it has set, bites hard. Wax lyrical about the way the frost glistens on the tent fly as much […]

  • Five Epic Blue Holes in Santo

    April 13, 2018

    When exploring Vanuatu, a small tropical paradise in the South Pacific, the blue holes on the island of Espiritu Santo are a must do. Experience jungle enclosed, crystal clear, pure, spring water swimming pools and relax in privacy to the quiet sounds of nature. We have selected the top 5 blue holes to ensure that you don’t miss out on this natural wonder of the world. Make sure to book your next trip to Santo, Vanuatu, with direct flights from Brisbane and connecting flights from Sydney, Noumea and Auckland. Riri Blue Hole Riri is the first blue hole you will […]

  • Clarke Gayford: Friends and nemeses

    March 12, 2018

    Clarke Gayford: Friends and nemeses 11 Mar, 2018 6:00am 4 minutes to read Evening fishing session trolling dead baits in an attempt to lure in a Dog Tooth Tuna. Photo / Wild Film By: Clarke Gayford  This country of 83 islands offers great diving and rich experiences. You’ve been to Fiji, holidayed in Rarotonga and went to Samoa once, so you think you know the Pacific. Well can I present to you: Vanuatu. A place that will totally reset what you know a Pacific country to be. Let’s start with the name, Vanuatu, which is really only a crude […]

  • Blue Holes, Vanuatu: Incredible beauty of mysterious freshwater swimming pools

    October 8, 2017

    Blue Holes, Vanuatu: Incredible beauty of mysterious freshwater swimming pools The river starts to change colour and becomes distinctly bluer as you get closer to the Matevulu Blue Hole. Be prepared for a dunking as you explore the beaches and waterholes of Espiritu Santo on the back of a horse, writes Julie Miller. Lou Lou is pushing through shoulder-deep water, long blonde locks bobbing and golden legs working overtime in an effort to stay afloat. Suddenly she makes a noise unlike anything I’ve heard before – a guttural moan of contentment, as if relishing a deep tissue massage. Lou Lou, […]